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Migrate Issues from Jira to GitLab (non-commercial Projects only)


In order to be able to import issues from a Jira project you need to have read access on Jira issues and a Maintainer or higher role in the GitLab project that you wish to import into.

Please contact Jira Administrator (Ruben Nuredini) and the GItLab Administrators (MI-Admin) in order to acquire these roles.

Import Jira issues to GitLab

In your GitLab Project go to Settings>>Integrations>>Jira and fill in the information as displayed on the image below.

You should then be able to select the "Import from Jira" option from the the Issues page, Import Issues

Import issues from Jira button

You will then be displayed with the list of Jira projects that you have credentials to access:

Note: you can import issues from several Jira projects in a single GitLab project.

The imported issues will be labeled with the jira-import label followed by the scope which is the Key of the Jira project they originate from.

Example (see image below): jira-import::GIC-1, jira-import::Test-1.


Migrate Issues from Jira to Jira Cloud (commercial Projects)

Please make sure that you get informed about the pricing model and the hosting conditions before you make the decision to migrate your project to Atlassian Cloud.

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