The Remote Collaboration Lab (RCL) gets established at the Heilbronn University. It's aim is to develop and support collaboration scenarios for lectures and projects for participants of the Heilbronn University and its partners.

If you plan a lecture integrating some remote collaboration or if you need advice or support, please contact Prof. Dr. Jörg Winckler.

As an anonymous user you can scan through the pages and you can create comments. Some content may not be completely visible for you. If you are interested in a deeper cooperation or consulting, please send a request mail to Prof. Dr. Jörg Winckler. Then you will be given user access to confluence so you can also post in a forum.

For a first impression, visit our "The Location" page. But we are not limited to this location. We can also support you in completely distributed scenarios.

This area is mainly written in english to allow (our / your) international partners of other universities and companies to scan through the content. Since we a no native speakers (concerning english) please accept our "not so elaborated" writing skills. The details for a certain lecture may alternatively be written in german.


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